Intimidating antonym

It was an engineering marvel---beautiful and devastating." "They were very attractive eyes though, she thought, moving her chair closer to him until their knees bumped.'You have very interesting eyes,' she said, 'Like a person in a book. Yes,' she said, peering into them,'they are quite definitely very devastating eyes.And anyone interested in Irish history will pick up on the classic reference. But as TFD and my experience indicate, this word may be too stilted toward the beauty of the disaster and not its fearsomeness.

However "bootcamp" is not a term we wish to use in our marketing.Despotic is the adjective form of the noun despot, which means "tyrannical ruler." If you live under despotic rule, you probably have few rights and may fear your government.Use despotic to describe rulers that rely on brute force (or the threat of it) rather than the rule of law to keep order.This would likely lead to a less generic phrase that might have more meaning to attendees, but I'll give it a shot.OK, here's a second and even less useful thought - perhaps abandoning the "boot camp" metaphor altogether should be reconsidered.

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