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She was sitting up at four months, making pyramind designs with blocks at seven months, walking at eight months and completing 100-piece jigsaw puzzles at 15 months.

So it is no surprise that Abigail Wilson, 15, from Connecticut, USA, recently made history when she became the youngest black female ever accepted into an American university!

Her parents read her normal bedtime stories and they didn’t know she was learning all of it.

Abigail has always been the youngest person in her class.

This summer I was unfortunate enough to be the subject of a vile antisemitic attack.

I’m an orthodox Jew involved in interfaith and I run a website that promotes friendship between Jews and Muslims.

The French army started to have Muslim chaplains five years ago.

She has studied several langauges, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Arabic and German.‘She found playing the piano very difficult, but it made her learn better’ said Mancy.‘She can’t always be successful, she won’t learn anything!"Why else would they have hit France and not hit the Vatican? "The Vatican represents western Christianity, why didn’t they attack a church?" France has been bombing ISIL targets in Syria since late September, and since the Paris attacks has carried out a wave of air strikes on the Syrian city of Raqqa, the de-facto capital of the "Islamic State".

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