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They also occur as accidental byproducts of fluid flow such as supersonic jets, cavity resonances, whistling telephone wires, and idling circular saws."The Gang Group Dates" is the second episode of the tenth season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

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Storage tanks may be equipped with a whistle vent which sounds continually as the tank is being filled; when the tank level covers the vent pipe, the whistle stops and the tank is full.Classic examples are Aeolian tones that result in galloping power lines, or the Tacoma Narrows Bridge (galloping Gertie).Other examples are circular disks set into vibration.With his younger brother James, he designed the 'Acme City' brass whistle.This became the first referee whistle used at association football matches during the 1878–79 Football Association Cup match between Nottingham Forest and Sheffield.

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