Romantic dating stories

I suggested that he and a friend come over to my house to watch movies.We had recently gotten a kitten, and she liked to take things out of the trash and carry them around.Instead, you tell me to ‘take care of it myself’ while you use me as a personal human masturbator. I’m not allowed to wear certain clothes, get an actual job, or even see my family that moved across the country to live in the same town as us. I’m not going to punish a child because our marriage didn’t work. You’re not a child I’m going to go tattle on every time you do something I already told you not to do. But I have to know of every person you bring around our child.You always achieve release and receive many oral favors, never giving anything in return. Since our daughter was born, you constantly talk down on me like I’m stupid, despite the fact that you’re usually wrong. This is an emotionally controlling marriage, and I’m tired of it. If you bring in a ‘Buddy’ or girlfriend before introducing them to me, you won’t see your daughter.(In high school, I go with my girlfriend when she donates blood. After, in the recovery room, she keeps bending over to look under the table.

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He stared at it, and then jumped up and said, 'Whoa!

I will not have my daughter see this marriage as her example of what to expect. This is how it’s going to work: I had to quit my job and stay home with our child, so I have no money. Don’t worry; you won’t have to pay support if you don’t see her.

I’d have her live to be an old spinster, alone, if it meant she could avoid wasting years on misery like this.” “So… You make pretty good money and made it your mission to not let me have a penny. That seems a bit cruel to me.” “There it is again: you thinking I’m stupid.

I’m demanding the bare minimum of what I’m due after wasting three years on you.”(I was already headed over to pick up her and her daughter.

They didn’t have that many belongings, since he didn’t like to spend money on them, so it was quick to load up and go.

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