Secret sexdate need credits xbox keeps updating

The highlights from the terms and conditions include their admission of guilt to creating bogus profiles that are then used to send automated messages to people on the site.They admit these self-created dating profiles are fictitious and you can never meet them in a physical environment.

Take the time to read the most important paragraphs of the terms and conditions page right below.

You can't do anything on the site unless you purchase a credit package and that's why they send you phony emails. Trying to reading any of the emails isn't possible until you buy credits.

So the scam here is the use automated programs to send you fake messages so then you will be inclined to purchase a credit package so the owners of the site can make money off of your ignorance.

Or alternatively you can click on this link (section 5.2) and read what they say on their own terms page.

Our final decision is that we don't trust Secret Mature Contact.

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