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Moreover, hope is necessary because it is prescribed by law, the natural law which, in the hypothesis that we are destined for a supernatural end, obliges us to use the means suited to that end.

Further, it is prescribed by the positive Divine law, as, for instance, in the first Epistle of St.

His teaching on the matter was formulated in the thirty-eighth proposition extracted from his works, and was condemned by St. According to him there is no true act of virtue except what is elicited by charity, and as all love is either of God or His creatures, all love which is not the love of God for His own sake, ie.

for His own infinite perfections, is depraved cupidity and a sin.

Both in itself and in the scope of its operation it outstrips the limits of the created order, and is to be had if at all only through the direct largess of the Creator.

Consideration of this state of soul is limited in this article to its aspect as a factor in the supernatural order .

Looked at in this way it is defined to be a Divine virtue by which we confidently expect, with God's help, to reach eternal felicity as well as to have at our disposal the means of securing it.

Hope, in its widest acceptation, is described as the desire of something together with the expectation of obtaining it.

The Scholastics say that it is a movement of the appetite towards a future good, which though hard to attain is possible of attainment.

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