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Read here : Public Trust has dropped significantly Our toes instinctively curled as we read how Kev tries to rationalise why sensible people on Wirral are sick to the back teeth with the poor services and lack of respect they receive from Wirral Council. – Overall satisfaction with the way the Council runs things has decreased by 6 percentage points; – Those who would be critical of the Council spontaneously or if asked has increased by 6 percentage points; – Mistrust of the Council has increased by 8 percentage points; – The perception that the Council does not provide value for money has increased by 9 percentage points; and – Belief that the Council acts on residents’ concerns has decreased by 5 percentage points. Not that those who run Wirral Council will – they just expect us to put up and pay up for their egotistical bullshit.Yes, yes, Kev the survey reflects national trends – Whatevs,babes. Now – as is your wont – you need to get lost and leave this to intelligent people who aren’t taken in by the corporate bullshit you’re paid very well to pedal. Which, might we suggest, more than anything, explains the damning results of the Ipsos MORI survey!A spokesman for Cheshire Police said a resident had reported seeing two men acting suspiciously outside the home of an elderly neighbour."It appears two men have gone inside the property and had a look around but didn't take anything," he said.Two years later, In 1995, we succeeded in getting the name of the cemetery changed from Flaybrick Hill Cemetery to Flaybrick Memorial Gardens.During 2004 the Friend’s secured Flaybrick’s status as a Significant Cemetery in Europe and in 2010 it became part of the European Cemeteries Route.There are no other obligations, unless you wish to take a more active role by joining our team of volunteers.

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So under the circumstances you’d think that Wirral Council would be making a song and dance about the results like they did last time around – The C Word However Wirral Council seem to be rather coy when it comes to disseminating and discussing the results which you can read here : Residents’ Survey 2017 We note that Wirral Council ‘leader’ Cllr Phil ‘Power Boy Pip’ Davies and their elective mute CEO Eric ‘Feeble’ Robinson shove hapless patsy and correspondent Kev ‘Lost Boy’ Mac Callum into the fray to polish the stinking turd that is Wirral Council. First of all can we say that Ipsos MORI are getting money for old rope when they come up with nuggets like: There has been a fall in resident satisfaction with a number of key performance indicators for the Council.

In addition to the above key projects we have a group of regular volunteers who work on site to help clear Flaybrick of litter and excessive vegetation.

Historic England and Wirral Borough Council are now working with the Friends of Flaybrick and the local community to create a Conservation Management Plan that aims to preserve Flaybrick for the future.

"Enquiries are ongoing." Police officers tweeted today: "Requesting increased vigilance following a reported distraction burglary targeting a vulnerable person in PRINCESS ROAD.

If you're sat in a pub tonight you should prepare for the best conversation you've had all week at precisely 7.52pm.

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